Our goal is to advance the healing process of injured veterans and encourage them to assume power and responsibility for the success of their lives.

General Information

IMG_4836-web-version     The Whitefish Veterans Support Team (WVST) hosts two events per year, a summer and winter retreat, for 6 injured veterans and their spouses/caregivers. The veteran's injuries range from visible physical injuries to the invisible such as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Our programs engage the veterans and spouse/caregiver in physically challenging activities such as downhill skiing, snow boarding, snowmobiling, wake boarding, river rafting and fly fishing, as well as providing needed down time and access to appropriate community events. The activities are tailored to individual needs and provide training/professional instruction and the proper equipment so each person feels a sense of accomplishment. The goal of the organization is to provide an opportunity for these individuals to have fun, feel a true sense of community and build meaningful relationships that will advance their healing process and encourage them to assume power and responsibility for the success of their lives. The members of WVST volunteer their time and experience to support the retreats. All equipment is provided by WVST members or one of its gracious supporters.

IMG_1635-web-version     In addition, WVST partners with the COMMIT Foundation to provide transition assistance to the veterans and their spouses/caregivers. The COMMIT sessions focus on personality traits, the actual process of transitioning from military to civilian life, discussions with other veterans who have successfully made the transition and how to set goals, both short and long term, to aid in guiding the transition process. During these sessions additional resources such as the Purple Star Foundation's “Veterans Transition Map and Action Plan” and counseling services available through 300 community based Vet Centers across the country are discussed.

     The end goal for the participants is to leave Whitefish with a renewed sense of confidence and excitement to help them move forward through their transition to a civilian career.

Future Participants

     If you are interested in participating in one of our retreats, contact us at info@wvstmt.org to request additional information.

     If you are scheduled for one of our upcoming retreats, please click HERE for more detailed information.NOTE: This page requires a password for access. If you do not have one, please contact your WVST "buddy".